Client Feature in the NYT!

Sometimes the stars perfectly align and conspire for your success! This week The New York Times published its feature on #GivingTuesday (also during Native American Heritage Month) with our client, Indigenous Author and Social Justice Philanthropy Leader Edgar Villanueva!

In the article, Edgar interviews with NYT columnist and fellow author David Bornstein about Edgar’s new book Decolonizing Wealth, and how institutions that control access to money can better serve the needs of Native American, Black, Latinx, Asian and other people of color. Here’s an excerpt:

DAVID BORNSTEIN: What’s the main idea in “Decolonizing Wealth”?

EDGAR VILLANUEVA: Our history of colonization has been about dividing, conquering and exploiting people. The mind-set has permeated our policies and systems. It’s the idea that certain groups of people are better than others. For me, the essence of decolonizing wealth is about closing the race-wealth gap. If you are working in finance or philanthropy, and your job is to move capital, you’ve got to be aware of the history. If we care about affordable housing, health care, education, whatever, we have to apply a lens of race to understand how to be strategic about how we deploy resources. If we do not put race at the center, we’re not going to get solutions that work for all people.