I am incredibly excited to finally be working with a woman who I’ve long admired, and who is the living embodiment of the transformative impact that smart, socially-conscious digital strategy can have on the world.

April Reign is a Twitter powerhouse, media commentator, and thought-leader who is perhaps best known for creating the history-making #OscarsSoWhite campaign. Over the past few years April’s star has risen due to her timely, astute and often witty commentary on issues related to arts and culture, politics, race, social justice and digital activism. With #OscarsSoWhite, April forever transformed the way race and diversity are discussed and addressed by Hollywood, the media, and audiences, propelling her platform even further as a well-sought after public speaker and cultural critic.

It’s always amazing when you get to collaborate with people who inspire, awaken and mobilize others to want to be and do better. April is destined for even greater things, and it’s my and my team’s privilege to join her on that journey.

Check out April in action in this recent interview with VH1: