Brittany Packnett: Helping Young People Develop Into Learners and Leaders

For its March Member Spotlight, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement got to sit down with Brittany Packnett, Executive Director for Teach for America St. Louis (TFASTL), to talk about her work and what drives her as both an educator and social justice advocate working to improve life outcomes for Black youth in Missouri and beyond.

From the interview below, we quickly learned that Packnett is motivated by a determination to develop young people into not just learners, but leaders. Under her direction, TFASTL serves 20,000 students directly, with approximately 135 teachers – known as “core members – currently in the program. For Packnett, the aim is to create both educational equity and broader equity in the St. Louis area by setting high expectations, and providing support around what she refers to as “culturally-responsive pedagogy” and critical-consciousness for children of color.

Read the full Q&A with Packet here.