Feb. 2018 Feature on Medium.com

In his Feb. 26th article for Medium’s Thrive Local, journalist Yitzi Weiner featured Janet among his list of “39 Prominent Publicists” to get her feedback on top three tips for earning quality media coverage:

“Marketing” means to take measures to help bring your product or service to the market. There are two basic means of marketing, Paid Media and Earned Media. Paid Media includes advertising such as a TV ad or a Facebook ad. The advantage of paid media is that it is fairly early to obtain, and it can also be targeted to a very specific demographic. The drawback of Paid Media is that it is less credible or believable. Consumers know that anyone can pay for an advertisement. Earned Media is another form of marketing. Earned media is when a company or individual is discussed in an editorial or journalistic segment, like this Buzzfeed article, for example. The advantage of Earned Media is that it is much more credible, because there is an assumption that the journalist or editors chose to cover the company or individual based on merit and not because there was any financial exchange. The drawback of Earned Media is that it is much more difficult to obtain. So indeed, how does one earn, Earn Media? I turned to 39 prominent publicists, people who’s job is to help people earn media coverage, to share their top 3 tips to get featured in the Media. Here are their ideas:


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