Newest Film Out of Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Releasing Gets Glowing Review by The New Yorker

THE BURIAL OF KOJO, the newest release from Ava DuVernay’s film distribution company ARRAY, made its national debut on Netflix on Sunday, March 31st. The critically-acclaimed film received a glowing review from The New Yorker Film Critic Richard Brody:

Once more, the world of streaming makes widely available a wonderful movie that would likely have made it into only a handful of theatres nationwide. This Sunday, March 31st, Netflix will release “The Burial of Kojo,” the first feature directed by Blitz Bazawule, who was born and raised in Ghana and is now based in Brooklyn. (Kudos to Ava DuVernay, whose company, Array, is distributing the film.) In its bold and limpid lyricism, the film is both an anguished delight in itself and an exemplar of dramatic freedom that should stand as a model for some filmmakers and a reproach to others.

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Black Mamas Matter Alliance Profiled By PEOPLE Magazine

During the 2nd Annual “Black Maternal Health Week” led by our client, the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, the organization was profiled by PEOPLE Magazine for its work shining a national spotlight on the urgent racial health disparities facing Black pregnant women and child birthing persons in the United States.

“Black women are also more likely to have a stillbirth, give birth prematurely, have low birth-weight infants, have a miscarriage even. There are a lot of challenges that folks are dealing with,” Black Mamas Matter Alliance co-director Elizabeth Dawes Gay tells PEOPLE. “It boils down to toxic stress, racism in society, in the healthcare setting, disparities in access to care. There’s a lot of work to do. I think we will see a change but it is going to take a long time.”

That’s why Black maternal health advocates are trying to raise more consistent awareness about birth outcomes and establish policy changes to close what is known as the Black-white gap. One example is Black Mamas Matter Alliance’s Black Maternal Health Week, an effort to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the fight for Black women’s maternal and reproductive justice.

Read the full PEOPLE article here.

#JusticeForFlint: A Blackout For Human Rights Benefit Event

As the serious impacts of the Flint Water Crisis continue to gain national awareness, Blackout for Human Rights today announced #JUSTICEFORFLINT, a special event taking place at The Whiting Auditorium (1241 E. Kearsley St.) in Flint, Michigan on Sunday, February 28th at 5:30 p.m. EST to promote solidarity and support for communities affected by the water crisis. REVOLT TV will serve as principal media sponsor for the event.

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