How This Bay Area Pastor is Helping Lead A National Movement for Black Lives

For Pastor Michael McBride, one of the foremost issues of concern facing Black men and boys today is that of simply belonging.

“Increasing and widening the circle of belonging and concern for me seems to be one of the biggest challenges,” he says. “We must make every effort to really create systems and structures that embrace young people, Black men and boys in particular.”

As National Campaign Director of the PICO National Network’s “Live Free” Campaign, Pastor McBride is committed to addressing violence prevention and mass incarceration among Black males. For more than 40 years, PICO has been at the forefront of national efforts to tackle the most critical challenges facing urban, suburban and rural communities, with a key focus on improving schools, expanding access to affordable housing and healthcare, and building safe, thriving neighborhoods. In his leadership of the Live Free campaign, Pastor McBride has galvanized faith-based groups and organizations across the U.S. around finding solutions to the pervasive violence, crime and injustice facing America’s communities of color.

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