No, Patton Oswalt, America Is Not More Sexist Than It Is Racist

This opinion piece authored by Janet Dickerson was originally published on November 10, 2016 by The Root:

On Tuesday night, as the world watched in shock and horror with the realization that Donald Trump had, in fact, won the presidency, it didn’t take long for a new narrative to take hold. A tweet by Patton Oswalt, in which he stated that the election results affirmed that America is far more sexist than it is racist, quickly went viral.

Numerous (mostly white, though some black) liberals, many of whom are likely still championing the #StillWithHer hashtag—which, as I write this, is trending No. 2 on Twitter—latched onto this declaration. However, this is an argument that black people and all people of color must call b.s. on and push back against.

Although Tuesday night’s election was clearly and unabashedly a demonstration of this country’s unwillingness to accept a woman as president, this resistance, as educator and activist Salamishah Tillet noted on her own (private) Facebook page, was emboldened by the closeness of such a victory to blackness and by Hillary Clinton’s enduring connection with America’s first black president.

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