Web apps to help make work life easier

These days social mobilization can be rendered ineffective if organizers lack sufficient tools and strategies in place to optimize their reach and impact. The good news is there is no shortage of tech-oriented solutions we can turn to that offer great project management support and can help streamline tedious administrative tasks, freeing your time up to focus primarily on higher-level strategy.

Deepa Chaudhary of Ethfolk, a website that sells hand-made ethically-sound products, offers solid suggestions for web apps that busy social do-gooders can use to make their work and personal lives a whole lot easier. Says Chaudhary (@DeepaRocks):

It seems like just yesterday that the social good sector was struggling with outdated tech, slow computers, crashing and clunky software or worse no access to technology and know-how. It was the rapid spread of internet and the coming age of web-based applications (also known as SAAS or cloud software) that fueled the adoption of tech by nonprofits and social ventures for everything from record-keeping, fundraising, campaign management to marketing. Today the sector is using some of the same tools as any other tech savvy startup or billion dollar company.

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